Know Your Mouth!!

The oral cavity, also known as the mouth, is the first part of the digestive system and an essential

component of the human anatomy. It is the opening through which food enters the body and is

the site of several important functions.

The oral cavity is bounded by the lips externally and extends to the back of the throat

(oropharynx) internally.

Here are some key features and structures within the oral cavity:

  1. Teeth: The oral cavity contains the teeth, which are used for biting, chewing, and grinding

food. Adults typically have 32 teeth, including incisors, canines, premolars, and molars.

  1. Gums (Gingiva): The gums surround and support the teeth, providing protection and

anchoring them to the underlying bone.

  1. Tongue: The tongue is a muscular organ located on the floor of the oral cavity. It plays a

crucial role in taste perception, speech, swallowing, and cleaning the mouth.

  1. Salivary Glands: There are several salivary glands within the oral cavity, including the parotid,

submandibular, and sublingual glands. These glands produce saliva, which aids in digestion,

lubricates the oral cavity, and helps protect teeth from decay.

  1. Palate: The palate is the roof of the oral cavity and is divided into two parts: the hard palate at

the front and the soft palate at the back. The palate separates the oral cavity from the nasal


  1. Uvula: The uvula is a small, fleshy structure hanging down from the back of the soft palate. It

plays a role in speech and helps prevent food and liquid from entering the nasal cavity during


The oral cavity serves crucial functions in chewing, swallowing, speaking, and initiating the

process of digestion. It also plays a significant role in taste perception and oral communication.

Maintaining good oral health through proper oral hygiene practices is essential for overall well


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rahul marwahrahul marwah
08:52 06 Dec 23
Dr. Sikander is a consummate professional in the field of dentistry. His unwavering commitment to patient well-being is evident from the moment you step into his clinic. With a reassuring demeanor, Dr. Sikander ensures that each procedure is explained thoroughly, putting even the most anxious patients at ease. His precision and attention to detail reflect a true mastery of his craft. The entire staff radiates warmth, creating a welcoming atmosphere that complements the exceptional dental care provided. Choosing Dr. Sikander guarantees not only a healthy smile but also a positive and comfortable experience.
Amandeep SinghAmandeep Singh
05:41 21 Nov 23
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Good service
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10:02 03 Nov 23
Good service ever
11:06 28 Oct 23
It was great experience with Aurum Dentistry. Highly recommended!!
Prerna PuriPrerna Puri
11:27 16 Aug 23
Have been visiting their dental care clinic since a while. Always giving suggestion for a better dental hygiene got the services at a much economically rates. Dental services are expensive and hard to find. Lucky i got Dr Sikander as a one stop
Komal PuriKomal Puri
11:25 16 Aug 23
One of the best dentists in the tricity. Have been taking services since 2006 in sector 16 hospital. He is generous and have immense knowledge and have been emphatic throughout my dental implants
Rishi Raj AnandRishi Raj Anand
13:26 07 Aug 23
The way Dr.Sikander has been treating his patients, is excellent.He has been resolving every single dental problems my family faced with his 30+ years of experience.We have been visiting him when he was in PGI and we are still visiting him here.Most recommended dentist in town.All the best for a fresh start. ✨
Ankush SagguAnkush Saggu
10:57 07 Aug 23
My experience at Aurum was truly exceptional. Your professionalism, expertise, and patient-centered approach set a high standard for dental care. I have already recommended your practice to my friends and family, and I look forward to returning for future dental needs.
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