Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most prevalent oral surgery treatments. Wisdom teeth form at the rear of your mouth and do not normally appear until adolescence or early adulthood. Because of their late development, they can occasionally grow into an existing crowded mouth and erupt at unfavourable angles or fail to emerge fully, requiring impacted wisdom tooth removal. Failure to get the essential wisdom teeth extraction can result in gum disease, dental decay, cellulitis, and abscesses; if you are suffering pain from your wisdom teeth, we recommend that you come to our Aurum Dentistry dental clinic for a consultation.

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    Wisdom Teeth

    The problems which may be caused by WISDOM TOOTH

    Wisdom teeth usually appear in our late teens or early twenties. Some people never have them, while others might have up to four, one at each rear corner of the mouth. Wisdom teeth are typically harmless, but when there isn’t sufficient space for them to develop and they get ‘affected,’ they can lead to pain, redness, swelling, infection, or damage to neighbouring teeth.
    Plaque may build up and create both temporary and permanent dental issues because food and germs are more likely to become stuck around the affected wisdom teeth edges.  If antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwash haven’t helped any of these issues, or if you’re always in pain and suffering, removing one or more wisdom teeth may be a long-term remedy.

    The treatment normally takes up to 20 minutes, and the afflicted region is numb once a local anaesthetic is administered. Some patients choose a general drug, which means they will be sleeping while the tooth or teeth are pulled.

    Is there any need to remove the wisdom teeth?

    Wisdom teeth removal is not necessary because they don’t cause any issues. Well, it needs to be removed if it is affected or causes crowding. If you leave the condition untreated, then it will lead to severe cases. Your mouth might now offer enough space for it to erupt the result at the wrong angles that can damage the adjacent tooth.

    The dentists may advise eliminating the 3rd molar at early stages; it is because as you age, the bones in the mouth become harder. When you delay the surgery procedure, it can lead to severe surgeries and cause heavy bleeding.

    What are the symptoms an individual faces in wisdom teeth removal?

    • Stiffness & jaw pain
    • Pain behind the molars
    • Swelling, redness and tenderness that lead to infection.
    • Bad taste and foul odour breath

    Should I remove my wisdom teeth?

    Wisdom teeth should be eliminated with the help of the right dentists. The dentists from our clinic will help you and guide you throughout this procedure.

    • Crowding: If your adjacent teeth are getting harmed due to the wisdom teeth, you require removal. In case it misaligns, it erupts to the wrong angle and harms surrounding teeth.
    • Jaw damage: When you leave the wisdom teeth condition, it can damage the nerves and cause your jaw damage.
    • Sinus problem: It can also be the reason for congestion and sinus pain.
    • Gaps:  The gaps can be developed due to swollen gums
    • Gum issues: It will be tough to clean the area, which leads to tissue swelling.

    Discover the procedure of WISDOM TEETH EXTRACTION

    The tooth removal procedure is based on the stages of wisdom teeth. You can smoothly extract the wisdom tooth, if it is erupted completely. However, if the tooth is impacted, then it will require an incision in the gums. Usually, the tooth is extracted in the parts to eliminate the amount of bone required to be extracted for a tooth removal.

    Tips you should follow for Post wisdom tooth removal

    • If you feel any discomfort, then take the prescribed medicines
    • Avoid touching and flossing over the affected area
    • You may face bleeding, but if the situation gets worse, then visit the dentist.
    • Do brush twice in the day.
    • Be on the liquid diet for the first few days
    • Swelling on the cheek and mouth is common for a couple of days.

    How much does it cost for WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION?

    The cost of wisdom tooth removal is based on the tooth position. It is based on the degree of impaction and structure of teeth, etc. These factors can influence the cost of extraction.

    Cost of wisdom tooth extraction from Aurum Dentistry dental clinic

    If you are thinking of removing the wisdom tooth from us, then meet with our dentists. We ask for an affordable cost for removing wisdom teeth. We have the best oral surgeons and dental experts on our team who offer painless wisdom tooth extraction results. 

    (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.1: What to anticipate after wisdom tooth removal?

    What occurs after your wisdom teeth are extracted depends on the sort of anaesthesia you get. Also, request that someone stay with you for a day or two until the anaesthetic goes off.

    Q.2: What are the alternatives to wisdom tooth extraction?

    If your wisdom teeth aren’t bothering you, even if they’re impacted, you won’t need to have them out. If your dentist believes there is a high danger of nerve damage surrounding your tooth, you may be given a coronectomy. This is a treatment in which the crown of the tooth is removed, but some of the root remains in place.

    Q.3: What is the specific time required for recovery from wisdom tooth removal?

    It usually takes up to four days, but it might take up to two weeks. The length of recovery period for wisdom teeth extraction is heavily influenced by how strongly they got impacted and developed. Follow certain tips for faster recovery- Use an ice pack, exercise your jaw, and Stay hydrated. You should also begin cleaning your teeth twice a day and Use pain relievers only prescribed by your doctor.

    Q.4: Are you ready to book an appointment with us?

    We offer multiple dental solutions under one roof. Our services are available in Chandigarh. If you belong to Chandigarh or near cities, then book an appointment now with us.

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