Dentures are known as removable teeth, which can be utilized for replacing the single tooth missing teeth or for the full replacement of teeth. Dentists suggest dentures to improve the appearance & function of the mouth. It enhances confidence and restores your smile. At Aurum Dentistry Dental Care, you can meet with dentists who have expertise in cosmetic & implant dentures. Our dentists are able to advise you which type of dental replacement will be best for you. They will ensure whether a specific solution is comfortable and natural-looking or not.

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    Dentures Of Types DENTURES?

    When you visit us for removable dentures, we offer two types of dentures: Complete and partial. Dentures are long-lasting & durable solutions for all of those who have missing teeth. If you have a limited budget, dentures are the best alternative options for you. 

    Our dentists advise you for complete dentures, when all your teeth are missing. It fits over the upper roof & teeth. These are conventional dentures that can be removed at night for cleaning. We suggest partial dentures if some of your natural teeth are missing. These are custom-made for the set of gum lines & teeth.

    The partial dentures are connected through the artificial gum by using the metal framework. Missing teeth can also misplace the surrounding teeth’ position; the only solution to avoid this condition is partial dentures. To know which denture solution is best for you, book an appointment with us. 

    4 steps of getting your dentures from AURUM DENTISTRY

    • Dental impression: In this step, the dentist will take an accurate view of the existing teeth with the wax. It involves putting wax in your mouth and biting down to ensure you have the correct bite and the denture is comfortable.
    • Testing: In this step, the impression will be used by the dentist to develop a model of the denture for you.
    • Final denture model: In this step, the final denture is made. However, if it doesn’t fit your teeth, you can request changes in tooth colour, size, etc.
    • Fitting: In the last step, the denture will be fitted into the mouth so that it can match with the existing teeth and seems comfortable.

    What can you do to take care of dentures? DENTURES

    As you know, dentures are removable and artificial, so it becomes necessary to handle them with proper care. If the dentures have a longer life, you should follow all the tips described below-

    • Keep the dentures clean: Make sure your dentures should be clean, and for this, you should clean them regularly. Clean the dentures with a non-abrasive brush at least once a day.
    • Overnight protection: Soaking dentures at night in water or denture solution can give it protection. Make sure to rinse the denture with clean water, as it helps to eliminate the chemicals (If it is there) during the soaking process.
    • Keep a look at your dentures: Keep tracking your dentures from time to time and visit the dentist if your dentures slip loose and you are facing any trouble biting. If the dentures are ill-fitted, then it can cause irritations and infections.
    • Handle it carefully: Dentures are delicate, and they can break easily if it is dropped. You should handle it carefully, then hold it over the soft towel.
    • Storing dentures safely: When you keep the dentures in hot water, they become warped. The dentures should always be kept at room temperature if you are not wearing them. It should be kept in the denture solution suggested by the dentist.​

    Things you should avoid when using DENTURES

    No matter how well you take care of the dentures, you should replace them later. To make sure the denture should last long, avoid below-discussed things-

    • Whitening toothpaste: Rather than using regular toothpaste, you must opt for toothpaste, which is specifically designed to clean dentures.
    • Abrasive cleaning materials: The cleaning products that contain abrasive substances cause serious damage to the dentures in the long run.
    • Use hot water: Don’t rinse the dentures in boiling and hot water; otherwise, it can ruin the shape forever.
    • Avoid bleaching products: Don’t use bleaching solutions to clean the dentures. Bleaching solution can weaken the structure and change the colour. Avoid soaking dentures’ metal parts in the solution since it has chlorine, and it can tarnish the metal.

    Myths people mostly have about DENTURES

    Myth 1: People know you use dentures
    Dentures are made to resemble natural teeth. Dentures can improve your smile and appearance. When you lose the teeth, the facial muscles may begin to sag, which can make your face look older. Dentures give you confidence when you smile.

    Myth 2: It causes discomfort when eating
    If you feel your dentures are becoming loose and do not fit well when eating, then you can consult with the dentist and ask them to create a new pair of dentures.

    Myth 3: All dentures are the same
    No, not every denture is the same and made with the same quality. It is necessary to tell the dentist exactly what you seek. A cheaper pair may not last long, so don’t go bargain-shopping for teeth.

    Myth 4: Denture smells of bed
    Dentures can indeed smell bad, but when you take care of it properly, then it doesn’t smell. Make sure you brush them to eliminate all the plaque and Tartar.

    Myth 5: Dentures last forever
    Do you think dentures last forever? Regular wear and tear can cause the quality to decrease no matter how well you take care of them. Proper care helps expand the life of dentures.

    How much does it cost for a denture in AURUM DENTISTRY

    Our well-established dental clinic provides multiple dental solutions under one roof at an affordable cost. The overall costs of dentures (complete & partial) vary based on a few factors like Material of denture, Types of dentures, Complexity of dentures. Overall, the cost varies from individual to individual. No matter whichever treatment is right for you, we promise to deliver a supportive and professional experience. If you are worried about the cost, then book the denture treatments with our specialist. We will share the further details in brief. Book an appointment with us now.​

    (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.1: Which cleaning solution works best for dentures?

    The best way to clean dentures is to soak them in a denture cleaning solution, which is available at most pharmacies and pharmacy shops, wash them with a toothbrush with a soft bristle, and then rinse them in lukewarm water.

    Q.2: Is it possible to clean dentures while speaking?
    While taking out your dentures for a fast brushing session isn’t always necessary, you should do it at least once a day to give them a deeper clean. On the other hand, avoid using denture cleaning solutions if you scrub your dentures in the mouth.

    Q.3: Are dentures worn all day long?
    You will receive instructions from your prosthodontist on when to take out and how often to wear your denture. You could be required to wear your denture all the time, such as while you sleep, for the initial days following obtaining it.

    Q.4: Are you looking to appoint a dentist?
    Are you looking for dentures near my service? We are available in Chandigarh where we offer all the dental solutions under one roof. Book your appointment with AURUM DENTISTRY Dental Care Solution today. Hire our dentist for an affordable dentist solution.

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    Dr. Sikander is a consummate professional in the field of dentistry. His unwavering commitment to patient well-being is evident from the moment you step into his clinic. With a reassuring demeanor, Dr. Sikander ensures that each procedure is explained thoroughly, putting even the most anxious patients at ease. His precision and attention to detail reflect a true mastery of his craft. The entire staff radiates warmth, creating a welcoming atmosphere that complements the exceptional dental care provided. Choosing Dr. Sikander guarantees not only a healthy smile but also a positive and comfortable experience.
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    Good service ever
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    It was great experience with Aurum Dentistry. Highly recommended!!
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    Have been visiting their dental care clinic since a while. Always giving suggestion for a better dental hygiene got the services at a much economically rates. Dental services are expensive and hard to find. Lucky i got Dr Sikander as a one stop
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    One of the best dentists in the tricity. Have been taking services since 2006 in sector 16 hospital. He is generous and have immense knowledge and have been emphatic throughout my dental implants
    Rishi Raj AnandRishi Raj Anand
    13:26 07 Aug 23
    The way Dr.Sikander has been treating his patients, is excellent.He has been resolving every single dental problems my family faced with his 30+ years of experience.We have been visiting him when he was in PGI and we are still visiting him here.Most recommended dentist in town.All the best for a fresh start. ✨
    Ankush SagguAnkush Saggu
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    My experience at Aurum was truly exceptional. Your professionalism, expertise, and patient-centered approach set a high standard for dental care. I have already recommended your practice to my friends and family, and I look forward to returning for future dental needs.
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