Clear aligners or invisible braces are recommended for those who want to straighten their teeth. The clear aligner is a transparent tray which is made of plastic that fits over the teeth and helps them to straighten. This is the modern dental solution that allows for teeth straightening without any use of traditional metal wires & brackets. In this solution, the materials that are used are smooth, comfortable, and clear. When you reach out to us, Aurum Dentistry offer different types of invisible braces that include ceramic braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners. You can change these trays over a few weeks and remove them for cleaning and eating. The cost of clear aligner treatment is completely based on the teeth alignment & other factors, which the team of orthodontists can assess. If you have misalignment crowded, and crooked teeth, you are eligible to get this solution.

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    Clear Aligners

    How do clear aligners & invisible braces WORK?

    Invisible braces work effectively by pushing the teeth into their desired position. The braces are used for rectifying the range of problems. These are custom made for individual persons according to their teeth structure. Digital impressions achieve the structure, and then the information is processed by using specialized software. Straighter teeth are computed automatically from the machine. The set of custom-fabricated trays is delivered to the patient. An individual requires 25-40 sets for the complete teeth alignment. These braces fit very well and, slowly and steadily, become a part of your body. There are no restrictions to eat/drink any food since you can easily remove it before your every meal.

    What is the difference between traditional BRACES & CLEAR ALIGNERS?






    Traditional Braces



    It can cause abrasion

    Takes longer time

    Difficult to maintain

    Clear Aligners / Invisible Braces

    Yes, you can remove it for cleaning

    Rare to spot

    It fits well

    Takes less time

    Easy to maintain since it is removable

    How can you take care of your aligners?

    There is a certain amount of care that is required to ensure that they are functioning well. Undoubtedly, it’s a comfortable option, but you have to keep certain things in your mind to maintain basic hygiene. Here, we share some guidelines prepared by our dentists:

    • Maintain basic hygiene when handling clear aligners
    • To get effective results, wear aligners for 20 hours straight
    • Rinse the aligners every time you take them off
    • Avoid the aligners when consuming food
    • Keep the aligners out of the heat
    • Use a safe container to keep them and prevent them from getting dirty.

    Suggesting some post-treatment care plans

    • Brush twice during the day: Brush your teeth daily with the dentist-prescribed fluoride toothpaste twice. If you remove your aligners before a meal, then don’t forget to wash them before putting your aligners back in the mouth to avoid staining.
    • Brush behind the wires: When brushing, make sure you brush all the way above and behind to ensure oral hygiene.
    • Flossing: Flossing is the key to maintaining the hygiene of clear aligners. In order to keep your teeth healthy and clean, floss after each meal!
    • Take care of food habits: Your teeth may be sensitive after the treatment, and that’s why it is recommended not to consume any hard and crunchy food items. Let your teeth rest before munching.
    • Retain smile with retainers: If you have got your teeth straightened, then it doesn’t mean that they will remain straight for a long time. When you reach out to us, our dentist might advise you for retainers that prevent your teeth from shifting back.
    • Visit the dentist: Because you are done with the treatment, that doesn’t mean you are perfect right now. To get that perfect smile, you should reach out to the dentist over time. Visit us after every 6 months for a dental checkup.

    What can I expect when going for CLEAR ALIGNER TREATMENT?

    When you reach the dental clinic, the dentist will take a scan of your full mouth and then we followed the same procedure mentioned before. The treatment cost is based on a variety of factors that include the number of improvements required, the complexity of the case, and the number of aligners you use.

    How much do we ask for the clear aligner treatment at Aurum Dentistry?

    The aligner cost often depends on the complexity and brand of the dental alignment. Clear aligners are considered a cosmetic procedure. We believe everyone must have access to the dental care they need, and with this aim, we establish our dental care agency. We offer a range of dental care solutions at the best competitive prices. If you are seeking the right & discreet way to correct your teeth alignment, then contact Aurum Dentistry Dental Experts.

    At Aurum Dentistry Dental Clinic, we commit to offering effective solutions with top-notch dental solutions by following advanced dental tools. We ask for different charges for different aligners. If you want to flaunt your smile confidently, then come to us. We can make your journey smoother with affordable dental care solutions with attractive offers. Contact us today to get the latest offers.

    (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.1: Does using transparent aligners to straighten teeth hurt?

    When your first aligner begins to shift the teeth in your mouth, some pain is quite natural. It might be a bit unpleasant at first to switch between aligners, but you will get comfortable over time. For the first few days after starting to wear aligners, some individuals may feel a small amount of pain that can be recovered through medication. If this doesn’t help, get in touch with your dentist.

    Q.2: How does using transparent aligners to straighten teeth work?

    To ensure that you are a good candidate for teeth straightening, a consultation is required before starting the clear aligner process. In order to arrange your treatment, we will take an online 3D scan of the teeth to determine if everything checks out. We will make the aligners and schedule a fitting session after you and the dentist are satisfied with the design. Once treatment has begun, you will continue to see your dentist on a regular schedule.

    Q.3: After this, will I need to wear a retainer?

    To stop your teeth from shifting again after your teeth have been straightened, you must use a retainer at night. At the conclusion of treatment, a complimentary removable retainer will be given. At an additional expense, it may be advised in some circumstances to have a permanent retainer, that is, a wire affixed to the back of the teeth. The most crucial thing is to maintain your flawless smile.

    Q.4: Which dental hygiene practices should I maintain while getting aligners?

    Maintaining good dental hygiene is crucial while using clear aligners. You should keep brushing twice a day and flossing. Additionally, you should brush with a gentle toothbrush to keep your aligners clean after consuming and before replacing them.

    Q.5: Do I need braces?

    Orthodontics may treat a variety of conditions, such as biting abnormalities, speech challenges, and feeding difficulties, in both adults and children. In addition to lowering your self-esteem, crooked or wobbly teeth can cause gum disease and other dental and general health problems, including tooth decay.

    Q.6: At which age can you have braces?

    The age at which braces can be fitted is unlimited. Although younger kids may be admitted in some circumstances, children typically begin therapy around the age of 10 or 15.

    Q.7: Do aligners or braces change your look?

    If you use braces, your face may progressively reshape as your teeth shift into a more symmetrical and balanced position. This is due to the fact that overbite treatments may change how both your lower and upper jaws are positioned in relation to one another. Similarly, the impact on your lips and cheeks will vary when misaligned or projecting teeth are straightened, slightly altering their contour.

    Q.8: What can you eat with braces?

    It’s recommended to stay away from items that might harm your fixed braces, such as candies, raw carrots, and almonds, as well as anything sticky, hard, or crunchy. Your diet is unaffected if you wear aligners or removable braces, but you should take them off to eat and drink. Try to stay away from sweets in between meals.

    Q.9: Is this treatment suitable for clear aligners?

    Definitely, yes. The clear aligner treatment is equally safe and successful for children as it is for adults, provided that their teeth have reached the proper developmental stage. Maintaining an aligner involves discipline, care, and accountability. But molars serve as the anchors that aligners require. You may have to wait if your kid’s molars are still coming out.

    Q.10: ​Do you want to book an appointment for a clear aligner treatment in Chandigarh?

    If you want to align your teeth from the recognized dental care clinic then you are at the right destination. We provide the best dental treatments by orthodontists for dental filling at a reasonable cost. Book an appointment with us.

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