We all have heard “Prevention is better than cure,” and here we, the Aurum Dentistry Dental Clinic, apply the same Mantra to your oral health practices. Preventive Dentistry addresses the Individual’s dental health issues at an earlier stage. We treat your dental health issues more easily and less expensively.

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    Preventive Dentistry

    Our Preventive dentistry involves regular maintenance & upkeep of oral hygiene to avoid any dental health problems like gums, cavities, and tooth loss. When you come to us for regular dental checkups & consultation for oral hygiene, we give you tailor-made advice to maintain your oral health habits & diets.

    We use advanced dentistry tools that make the prevention of oral disease easier. When oral hygiene practices are maintained from an early age, there are minimal chances of getting affected by any oral health disease. Our dental clinic was established with the aim of preventing the progress and initiation of dental disease and minimizing complications. Come to us for instant help.

    Dental practices involved in PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY

    Prevention of Dental Decay

    • Fluoride treatment: This is one of the most effective ways to prevent and limit the spread of tooth decay. Fluoride helps to strengthen your tooth enamel and gives protection against tooth decay. Fluoride prevents the formation of Plaque and formation of bacterial acids.
    • Fissure sealant: Fissure sealants are a painless and safe procedure that will also be helpful for dental decay. The Sealants are applied in the pits and deep fissures of back teeth, which are more susceptible to tooth decay. In this procedure, a protective barrier is placed on the tooth surface that keeps the tooth safe from decay.
    • Enameloplasty: Under this procedure, the fossas & fissures are widened, which eliminates the food particles, thereby preventing decay. As a result, during chewing, the food particles go away from the surface, which further prevents the condition of tooth decay.

    Treatments for avoiding gum disease

    • Oral prophylaxis: This also refers to dental cleaning, but it also includes other preventive procedures like dental exams & checkups. It also refers to dental care for protecting teeth and preventing gum disease. This procedure includes a full mouth examination with a thorough cleaning by using Scaler, Pick, and other tools. This procedure can take place to remove the tartar, calcifications, and Plaque.

    Dental prevention practices for teeth Crowding

    • Space maintainers: These are custom-made appliances that are placed to maintain the space for erupting permanent teeth. If you have teeth crowding issues, our dentists suggest this treatment. There are lots of reasons behind tooth crowding, and it may be because of trauma, early shedding of milk, etc. In order to get rid of this condition, we suggest space maintainers. These are preventive appliances for ensuring no complication in the teeth eruption.
    • Serial extraction: This extraction procedure is carried out to extract certain deciduous teeth & specific permanent teeth to guide the erupting permanent teeth into the favorable position. It prevents the possibility of future teeth-crowding complications. The process is usually done at the age of 8 to 9 years.

    What benefits can you get in PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY?

    • With preventive dentistry, you can make your dental trips easier, affordable, and painful.
    • It helps every age group of people whether you are too young to take care of your teeth.
    • Preventive dentistry is the best way to keep your oral health effective. We have dentists on our team who consistently support you.
    • Preventive dentistry also focuses on a long-lasting and sustainable approach.

    Who can get benefits from our service?

    Your dental health is the window to your overall health. Preventive dentistry is helpful in recovering from gum disease. When you come to preventive dentistry, the dentist will detect the early symptoms before they appear. Through better prevention, you can save yourself from spending a bunch of money. If you feel you have lots of cavities, bad breath issues, and jaw problems, then you should reach out to us & receive a better solution. If you have plaque and tartar problems and you want to enhance your teeth’ appearance, then come to Aurum Dentistry Dental Clinic. 

    What are the best practices for healthy teeth?

    • Brushing your teeth in the right way is necessary for preventing cavities & gum disease. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth at least twice a day.
    • Flossing is also necessary to clean the area between your teeth. This is the right way to flush out all the food particles.​
    • Consume a balanced diet; it is helpful for both your oral health and physical health. Eating vegetables & plenty of fruits will keep your teeth and gums healthy.
    • Avoid sugary drinks since they can lead to tooth decay. If you consume a sugary drink, then brush your teeth afterward.
    • Avoid tobacco products like chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes. Tobacco can lead to tooth loss, gum disease, and oral cancer.
    • Visit the dental clinics at least twice a year. Taking dental appointments is necessary for cleaning your teeth and maintaining the best oral practices.
    • If you have the habit of teeth grinding, it can damage the teeth and cause pain in the jaw. We recommend seeking treatment from the dentist to avoid further complications.

    Why should I go for Preventive dentistry service?

    Preventive dentistry visit helps for early management of dental problems which is less expensive. When you come to us, we will address the dental issues you have become, leading to worse conditions. This is how you can save yourself from paying higher expenses. The cost of preventive dentistry service is based on several factors: the treatment you opt for and the Individual’s oral health condition.

    Our dentists will listen to you and help you to achieve a healthier and brighter smile. Each dental care plan we offer to our patients is designed specifically to support dental concerns. If you want to take a closer look at our holistic approach to dental practices, then come to your nearest clinic today. We want to support you and give you the smile you want. 

    How much does it cost for Mouth ulcer treatment?

    To avoid paying any extra charges, you should visit us in the initial period. If you are neglecting the issues that need serious concerns then it can lead to something serious. To get an estimated cost, reach out to us now. 

    (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.1: How often should one visit the dentist?

    We recommend you visit the dentist every 3 months for best dental practices. When you visit regularly, you can prevent the oral disease before it leads to worse conditions.

    Q.2: Why should you maintain good oral hygiene?

    If you want a good, bright, and white smile without any teeth, gums, or dental cavities, then you should be concerned about your oral health. It is necessary to prevent potential problems before they transform into bigger issues.

    Q.3: How can you help us?

    We are the top-notch Aurum Dentistry Dental care solution with whom you can talk to receive preventive dental services. We offer fluoride application, fissure sealant, polishing, etc.

    Q.4: How can I prevent the oral condition?

    When you come to us, our dentist will ask for a specific dental examination to be performed. They will see if there is the initial sign of a dental problem occurring in you. They will suggest the best treatment before it spreads.

    Q.5: Are preventive dentistry dental treatments painful?

    No, these are not painful at all, so you don’t need to hesitate.

    Q.6: ​Are you in search of preventive dentistry near your location?

    Aurum Dentistry Dental Clinic is a top-notch dental clinic offering the best dental services under one roof in Chandigarh. Hire expert dentists & orthodontists from our preventive dentistry at reasonable costs. Select your city and book an appointment for further treatment.

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    rahul marwahrahul marwah
    08:52 06 Dec 23
    Dr. Sikander is a consummate professional in the field of dentistry. His unwavering commitment to patient well-being is evident from the moment you step into his clinic. With a reassuring demeanor, Dr. Sikander ensures that each procedure is explained thoroughly, putting even the most anxious patients at ease. His precision and attention to detail reflect a true mastery of his craft. The entire staff radiates warmth, creating a welcoming atmosphere that complements the exceptional dental care provided. Choosing Dr. Sikander guarantees not only a healthy smile but also a positive and comfortable experience.
    Amandeep SinghAmandeep Singh
    05:41 21 Nov 23
    rahul choudharyrahul choudhary
    09:08 07 Nov 23
    Good service
    Jatin KundraJatin Kundra
    10:02 03 Nov 23
    Good service ever
    11:06 28 Oct 23
    It was great experience with Aurum Dentistry. Highly recommended!!
    Prerna PuriPrerna Puri
    11:27 16 Aug 23
    Have been visiting their dental care clinic since a while. Always giving suggestion for a better dental hygiene got the services at a much economically rates. Dental services are expensive and hard to find. Lucky i got Dr Sikander as a one stop
    Komal PuriKomal Puri
    11:25 16 Aug 23
    One of the best dentists in the tricity. Have been taking services since 2006 in sector 16 hospital. He is generous and have immense knowledge and have been emphatic throughout my dental implants
    Rishi Raj AnandRishi Raj Anand
    13:26 07 Aug 23
    The way Dr.Sikander has been treating his patients, is excellent.He has been resolving every single dental problems my family faced with his 30+ years of experience.We have been visiting him when he was in PGI and we are still visiting him here.Most recommended dentist in town.All the best for a fresh start. ✨
    Ankush SagguAnkush Saggu
    10:57 07 Aug 23
    My experience at Aurum was truly exceptional. Your professionalism, expertise, and patient-centered approach set a high standard for dental care. I have already recommended your practice to my friends and family, and I look forward to returning for future dental needs.
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