Laser dentistry is a kind of dental treatment that uses lasers rather than any traditional instruments. Laser dentistry minimizes pain and discomfort and offers faster healing time. The process is less invasive and has more precision, better sterilization, and less noise. Laser dentistry can be used in procedures like tooth whitening, cavity preparation, tooth whitening, and periodontal therapy. We use the Aurum Dentistry dental care approach for advanced & precise dental treatment, which utilizes laser technology to address multiple oral health concerns. This technique involves a focused light beam to perform a range of dental procedures that include gum reshaping, teeth whitening, and cavity removal.

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    Laser Dentistry

    Why is Aurum Dentistry Dental clinic the best for laser dentistry?

    • Offer services to multiple cities
    • Advanced laser dentistry equipment
    • Best expertise
    • Successful results

    Benefits of Laser dentistry over traditional Dental Treatments

    • Minimal invasive procedures: This is one of the major benefits of laser dentistry. Laser dentistry requires minimal invasive procedures. Through laser beams, dentists can easily catch accurate areas and reduce the damage through different treatments. It offers less discomfort and faster healing.
    • Control & precision: The laser allows precisely targeted areas without damaging the surrounding tissues. It helps to minimize the infection risk and adjust the intensity and power.
    • Shorter healing time: Laser dentistry can help to reduce the amount of recovery time required after the procedure. It causes less tissue damage and inflammation as compared to any other dental treatment. As a result, patients are able to get back to their daily lives faster than other treatment methods.
    • High accuracy rate: Through laser dentistry, the dentist can target specific areas and receive the highest accuracy. The accuracy rate makes this procedure safe and efficient. Lasers can detect cavities that may not be visible to the naked eye. It can address dental issues earlier. It increases the accuracy rate while minimizing inflammation and discomfort. It offers improved outcomes and better oral health.
    • Manage multiple oral problems: Laser dentistry helps to manage various oral issues, including tooth decay, gum disease, and infection. Oral surgeons can use laser dentistry for treating cavities and gum reshaping procedures. It gives shorter recovery and the best possible results.
    • Low chances of infection: This is another reason why dentists recommend choosing this. It minimizes the risk of oral infection. Laser technology produces light beams that target a specific area without harming the surrounding tissues. Laser dentistry also minimizes the bacterial chances and infection in gum and tissues. During the laser treatments, it also seals off nerve endings to minimize the chances of infection.

    How are laser beams used in Dentistry?

    Energy is delivered in the form of a beam of light by all lasers. The laser functions as a cutting tool or vaporizer of tissue that comes into contact with it during surgical and dental treatments. The laser serves as a heat source and amplifies the effects of tooth-bleaching substances when employed in teeth-whitening procedures. Laser dentistry uses light and heat to treat dental conditions rather than the needles and drills like other surgical, dental procedures. This is why it is pain-free.

    How to classify Lasers in Dentistry?

    LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Einstein’s theory of stimulated emission drives this concept. Lasers are widely used in cosmetic and medical procedures. Over the last few years, it has come into the limelight for clinical dental solutions. Lasers ablate hard tissues with minimal anesthesia. With the help of laser therapy, bacterial count in the root canal is also reduced. So, overall, there are different ways of using lasers in dentistry.

    Laser dentistry also gives positive results when used in dental surgical procedures for good hemostasis and soft tissues. The most common lasers which are used in dentistry are carbon dioxide (CO2), erbium: yttrium–aluminum–garnet (Er: YAG), diode, neodymium: yttrium– aluminum–garnet (Nd: YAG) lasers. All these lasers can be successfully used in tooth whitening process, cavity treatment, and other dental applications.

    Laser in dentistry classification in TERMS Of TISSUE

    Lasers are categorized into 2 categories in terms of tissues, which are soft and hard tissue lasers. Some lasers are too tough for the soft tissues, while others are not. Well, it can be used interchangeably if the wavelength meets.

    Soft tissues Laser dental procedures

    Soft tissue lasers can absorb hemoglobin and water, which makes them suitable for treating dental problems in soft tissues. The soft tissue laser includes Neodymium YAG with diode lasers that are used to fight bacteria in the mouth. It helps to reactivate the tissue growth. The common soft tissue procedure contains-

    • Crown lengthening
    • Soft tissue removal
    • Treating tongue frenulum
    • Recovering from gummy smiles

    Hard tissues Laser dental procedures

    This type of laser is used for cutting the teeth carefully with ideal precision. It cuts bone and teeth accurately. This type of laser is used during the cutting of tooth structure. The wavelength from this tissue laser can be absorbed by hydroxyapatite. The high tissue laser also includes Erbium YAG and Erbium Chromium YSGG. Hard tissue laser also aids in preparing and reshaping the teeth through composite bonding. It helps for the removal of small tooth structures and heals dental fillings. The common procedures carried out by hard tissue include-

    • Detection of cavity
    • Tooth sensitivity treatment
    • Dental fillings

    Laser treatment classification for Various Teeth

    There are lots of dental treatments where lasers can be used to make the process pain-free and comfortable.

    • Dental filling treatment: A laser beam is enough to kill the bacteria in the cavity. It offers a long-term solution without any requirement for traditional drilling and local anesthesia.​
    • Gummy smile treatment: The laser can eliminate the tumors from the gums, palate and lips, side, and cheeks without causing much pain. These are used for reshaping gum tissue associated with a gummy smile in which the gum length covers much of your tooth.
    • Tooth sensitivity treatment: If your teeth are sensitive to cold and hot, then they can be treated through lasers. It helps to seal tubules on the tooth root.
    • To lengthen the crown: In this procedure, the laser is used to reshape the bone and gum tissues for a healthier tooth structure. It helps to restore your teeth structure.
    • Treatment of tongue frenulum: If you have a tight or thick frenulum, then you may benefit from the laser treatment. The treatment helps children who have a restricted frenulum, causing them to be tongue-tied. It is also helpful for patients with speech impediments.
    • Eliminating soft tissue folds: Through laser, you can eliminate soft tissue folds from the ill-fitting dentures without any pain.

    (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.1: What is the cost of Laser dentistry?

    Different laser treatment requires different processes & approaches. It is based on the patient’s situation and how much the cost will be. When you reach out to us, we will assess the dental examination and address the problem you have.

    Q.2: What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

    Laser dentistry is becoming popular in dentistry because it causes less pain and doesn’t need anesthesia. It eliminates the anxiety in patients and also minimizes the swelling and bleeding during treatment.

    Q.3: What are the applications of laser dentistry?

    • To fix broken teeth and worn-out fillings without administering anesthesia.
    • To quickly ease the pain associated with fever blisters and cold sores
    • In order to properly clean the root canals and remove germs.
    • Treat periodontal disease symptoms such as bleeding gums and gum recession.
    • Handle sore gums and other oral soft tissue securely and comfortably.
    • Gum lighting can be used to enhance and beautify the smile.

    Q.4: Should I choose laser dentistry over traditional dentistry?

    Laser dental treatments are more precise and typically require fewer sessions to finish than non-laser treatments. As a top-notch dental solution, we guarantee that every patient receives the most precise and effective laser therapy possible. Our approach is always focused on the patient. So, yes, if you want pain-free, efficient, comfortable solutions, then choose laser dentistry over traditional dentistry.

    Q.5: Is it only for the adults?

    Laser dentistry has advantages for people of all ages. Adults may select laser dentistry or choose for traditional dentistry with drills and jabs because they are accustomed to going to the dentist. However, for newborns and kids who need dental treatment but find injections, drills, or sutures irritating, lasers are a far better alternative. When used by qualified and skilled dentists, laser dentistry is incredibly safe as compared to other dental treatments,

    Q.6: ​Are you searching for Laser Dentistry near me?

    At Aurum Dentistry Dental Care, you can get laser dentistry solutions in multiple cities. Book your appointment with us if you want any dental practices. Hire our dentists and orthodontists at an affordable cost.

    Q.7: Is it better to go with laser dentistry?

    Laser dentistry offers a better experience to the patient in terms of quality and affordability. Laser dentistry is mainly associated with cosmetic dental treatments, but it is also effective for other dental preventive features. It potentially offers more comfortable treatment options for multiple dental procedures.

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    Dr. Sikander is a consummate professional in the field of dentistry. His unwavering commitment to patient well-being is evident from the moment you step into his clinic. With a reassuring demeanor, Dr. Sikander ensures that each procedure is explained thoroughly, putting even the most anxious patients at ease. His precision and attention to detail reflect a true mastery of his craft. The entire staff radiates warmth, creating a welcoming atmosphere that complements the exceptional dental care provided. Choosing Dr. Sikander guarantees not only a healthy smile but also a positive and comfortable experience.
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    The way Dr.Sikander has been treating his patients, is excellent.He has been resolving every single dental problems my family faced with his 30+ years of experience.We have been visiting him when he was in PGI and we are still visiting him here.Most recommended dentist in town.All the best for a fresh start. ✨
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    My experience at Aurum was truly exceptional. Your professionalism, expertise, and patient-centered approach set a high standard for dental care. I have already recommended your practice to my friends and family, and I look forward to returning for future dental needs.
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